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Lake Como

Lago di Como Avventura

Como Lake is absolutely beautiful. On the day we visited it was slightly cold and cloudy, but the view was still stunning! Every time someone mentioned “Como Lake” my mum’s first response was “George Clooney”! Yep, apparently George Clooney has a lake house resort somewhere along the shoreline but I didn’t get a chance to see it. Last time my mum was here, she visited the compound and saw letters in his mailbox addressed to the man himself. I was hoping he’s be walking around the area and perhaps I would magically bump into him, but that of course, did not happen :P


Via Montenapoleone

Things that make me smile!

Via Montenapoleone. Probably one of my favourite streets in Milan, next to Corso Vittorio Emanuele and Via Torino
(all shopping streets, of course!). I could spend the entire day here, just walking up and down “window” shopping.
My mummy, on the other hand, is planning to come back tomorrow to purchase a bag from one of these lovely stores! I’ve saved up a bit of money for my shopping budget on this trip, but I won’t be spending it at any of these stores. There is something pretty awesome that I’ve wanted to buy for quite some time now and unfortunately, they don’t sell it in Canada. But now that I’m in Europe, I have easier access to it and there is no better place to purchase it than from the country of it’s origin :) I’m going to keep it as a surprise for now, but rest assured that once I have it in my hands, there will definitely be a dedicated post for it :)

Anyhow, if you’ve never been here, almost every high-end fashion brand lives along Via Montenapoleone. From
Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Prada, Rolex, Cartier… you name it, it’s here! Even brands you’ve never heard of can be found along this hallowed street. It’s also a very picturesque location with pretty bikes and vespas parked along the sides and super cars (mostly Ferraris) zoooming through!

I would have loved to spend the entire day taking “What I Wore” photos here to make use of the beautiful backdrop, but unfortunately my time was short and had to move on to the next street over! And mostly because when it comes to publicly stunting a mini catwalk, I am one to turn bright red and hide in the corner :P But I did, however, manage to take a couple photos (one of them being that photo up top).

One of the things I love about Italy is the bike lifestyle! The sheer feeling of freedom and adventure while riding through narrow cobble stone streets and absorbing Italian Architecture is beyond comparable to riding my bike through Surrey. Every bike I have seen has some sort of cute ornament that makes it unique from all the rest. Some really old and dirty, while other were shiny and colourful! It has inspired me to ride my bike more this summer and maybe add a nice little basket to the front :)